Special Offers

We are ready to work as per our client need, requirement and budget. Special offer section best suits for (Small and Medium Enterprises) SME’s. We are working for many small businesses as we exactly match the key requirement of SME’s cost cutting, quality services and affordable rates are some of the key requirements we fulfill. Check below offer which is one of the most popular one:

Small Back Office (5 Operators + 1 Manager)
This is something like hiring a team of 5 data entry operators and 1 manager who guides them.

Skills of Operators:
1. Good command over English language.
2. Can do online and offline data entry work.
3. Keep a quick eye on quality.
4. Good command over spreadsheets, MS Word and office tools.
5. Good Internet Speed (Minimum 4 MBPS).
6. Manager can interact via Skype.

Small Back Office
Total Operators – 5 operators of your choice
Number of Hours per Operator per Day – 2 hours each
Number of Hours a Month – 250 hours per month
Bonus – 1 Project Manager for 50 hours a month

Get all 5 operators and a project manager for $2250/- (only $7.5 per hour)

You Save $1000 per month compare to our regular pricing.

Hoping so you like above small backoffice offer, please feel free to contact us or just fill below listed form and we get back to you within 8 working hours.

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