Connecting Back Office with Manufacturing Department Through Ethernet Network

Integration between back office and factory floor could unite device-level, control-level and administrative networks into a single infrastructure. The manufacturing department could also benefit from better control on automated operation and greater efficiency.

IEEE 802.3 in a standard for Industrial Ethernet that must be adopted when establishing connection between back office and the factory floor. In order for the office-grade Ethernet connection to survive the industrial environment, businesses need to adapt it accordingly to withstand exposure to constant flexing, vibration, humidity, electromagnetic field and extreme temperatures. Drives, motors and other equipments can induce these effects to Ethernet connection to and from the back office department.

As back office adapts to the Industrial Ethernet solution, key people should consider a number of important factors such as protocol capabilities and features to be implemented as well as environmental conditions the Ethernet network will be subjected to.

On the other hand, Ethernet connection from the factory floor should also be adapted to work with office-grade networks. EtherNet/IP is an ODVA-supported communication protocol, which takes CIP (common industrial protocol) for implementation onto standard Ethernet networks. It supports a wide range of services for many types of applications. EtherNet/IP also supports any kind of office-level network topology and interfaces it to the switched topology, commonly used for industrial applications. This allows the network to be fully configured easily in real-time.

PROFINET is an open standard for Industrial Ethernet that can be used to connect with back office department. It supports standard TCP/IP standards with specific mechanisms and protocols to deliver real time performance capabilities.

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