Data Entry Services

In many cases, an individual needs both online and offline data entry services. Data entry services require accuracy and a lot of time, Data entry task can became even more challenging it multiple languages or different time zones are involved. In order to help the businesses, Outsource Back office provides data entry services to its client.

The online data entry services require internet for the completion of the work. Many companies prefer this method of data entry services where an online database is maintained.

The offline mode of data entry services does not need any internet connection and any data entry operator can complete the task as per the clients instruction offline data entry services mainly includes form data entry, back office reports or the data entry from one format to another.

If you are planning to hire someone for your data entry work, you can opt for Outsource Back office. We are the fastest growing company in India with the best staff at an affordable price. Our team of professionals can handle all your data entry services as per your requirements. Our roles depend on the amount and complexity of the work. Thus, you can hire our workers on hourly basis, fixed price basis or even a complete dedicated team.

Hire Data Entry Operator or Team

You can hire dedicated data entry operators from us at affordable rates, new team of data entry professionals are ready to handle work pressure. We have an expertise team and provide you any type of data entry support services at unbeatable price.

Visit dedicated hiring section if you like to hire in between 1-2 data entry operators or executives. In case you like to hire more number of data entry operators visit hire back office section minimum team requirement is (4 data entry operators + 1 senior data entry manager), we dedicate a separate data entry team and complete back office exclusive for your projects.

Looking for Customized Quotes

We are ready to provide custom solutions and pricing, please send us your requirements and we provide the same to you within 12 working hours. Dedicated hiring is best suited for small projects, where need is to dedicate few hours a day.  We don’t want to lose a single customer, hence we are here to customized solutions for you.

Note: In case you need more than 5 operators, please check hire back office section where you can get customized back office solutions and discounts. We dedicate a separate team and complete back office exclusive for your projects.

Since our inception is as an Back Office Company, hence we have also provided virtual workforce solutions to our clients based through out world.  Please feel free to Contact Us if you are planning to outsource your backoffice or marketing, please fill below listed form and we get back to you within 24 hours time.

Email us your requirement or Fill Below Form.


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    Hire Remote or Virtual Employees (Full Time)Start a Smart Back Office (1 Manager + 6 Operators)Hire Operators on Hourly Basis

    Services Needed:
    Back Office ServicesMarketing ServicesWebmaster ServicesWeb HelpdeskBPO or KPO ServicesCustom Requirements

    Project Duration:
    Less Than 1 Month1 to 3 month3 to 6 month6 to 12 monthMore Than 1 YearNot Sure

    Team Requirement (Number of Operators)
    Less than 3 Operators3 - 10 Operators10 - 25 Operators26 - 50 OperatorsMore than 50 Operators

    Our Process: How We Work?

    Step 1 => Send us Your Requirements: First step is to understand what’s your exact requirement, share us as project details and let us review and understand your need and requirements.

    Step 2 => Sending You Customized Quotes: After reviewing your need and requirements we prepare a customized quotes for you. Pricing depends on complexity of work, if it’s easy and repetitive nature then price is less and it’s but high if requires some expertise.

    Step 3 => Work Started: Once we understand the work and agreed upon terms & price, we straight forwardly start working over your project and start sending you reports on daily or weekly basis.

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