Frequently Asked Questions

Some common queries and their answers

Answer: Depending upon requirements we can dedicate a ready to move backoffice within 7 working days. In case any of our backoffice is free we can dedicate it even in 2 days time. Rest hiring resources may takes some time hence you can expect to start operations within 7 working days.

Answer: Yes, we have a solution you can hire a virtual employee for as low as 2 hours a day, test the waters and once you are satisfied or work flow increases then you can increase number of operators as per your need and requirement.

Answer: Sure you can outsource to us. Our charges & plans are suitable for a small business which may not have a large volume but still wants to outsource in order to focus on core objective of business growth. We charge per month of agent duty time, irrespective of number of hours dedicated by our agents.

Answer: Email us in case you like to setup your own backoffice center, send us your project details on and one of our team member will get back to you within 24 working hours. Please try to share maximum details so that we can clear things and quote you asap.

In case you are planning to outsource backoffice or helpdesk support then we will start the training process depending upon task complexity. Within a weeks time we will start managing your operations and start answering your customer’s e-mails / chat requests LIVE.

In case you are looking for marketing services then we need some more information from your side, once you forward it to us we start working over your website.

Answer: We agree that you are paying for the agent and their time, but as we are offering you unique services hence you have to pay as per agreed terms only. Yet you can assign some other work to operators, but if you like to hire specialized services in that case best is to consult our project managers so that they can prepare a custom package which suits your need and requirement.

Answer: No, no minimum contract period, you can terminate the contract anytime with a notice of at least 30 days in advance. So that we are able to use our resources somewhere else.

Answer: All payments are required in advance. If we are not getting payment in advance, in that case we can suspend services and assign our resources on some other project. In exceptional cases we may continue working otherwise we suspend the services until we receive confirmation of payment from your side.

You can wire us payment to our bank account in USA, UK & India. Other payment options includes payment through credit card or Paypal. All prices listed over website are exclusive prices, you have to bear transaction costs if any. (Like in case of Paypal 4-5% of total amount and in case of GST flat 18% of total amount) .

Answer: If you don’t have training material need not worry. Just send us details and our project supervisors work over it and train other team members.

Your support is needed in starting to understand the whole process, once all this is done we start working over project within few days.

Smart Backoffice or Dedicated Virtual Employees

You can hire your virtual staff and virtual back office from us at affordable rates, new team of IT professionals is ready to handle work pressure. We have an expertise team and provide you any type of IT support services at unbeatable price.

Visit dedicated hiring if you like to hire in between 1-5 virtual employees. visit smart backoffice if you like to start your own virtual back office (1 manager + 6 virtual employees or operators). 

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