How Companies Typically Improve Their Back Office Operations?

As companies begin to thrive, they start to get overwhelmed with various documents such as purchase orders, invoices, employment forms, packing slips and others. Eventually they run out storage spaces and even simple administrative tasks become costly, difficult and labor intensive.

Seeing the need to manage content electronically, save time and money; and improve business processes, these companies often turn to an ECM (enterprise content management) solution. The technology allows employees to access data easily, store data securely in central repository and capture information electronically. It is also possible to easily business processes in payroll, fleet maintenance, quality control, production, human resources, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Many of these companies have multiple plants and employ hundreds of people, so it is critical for them to properly store files in a unified repository. Other requirement is to establish workflows that can automate business processes and operations across multiple facilities and departments. Properly implemented ECM solutions can scale across the enterprise, provides better visibility among the management and save resources and time.

When customers have questions about something, employees usually retrieve the files from the data center and return the call or reply the email. Because companies may process thousands of orders each day, an efficient system is needed to avoid the accounts receivable (AR) department to get overwhelmed. With ECM, employees can immediately access the information when customers call with questions. As employees can quickly resolve the issue, each is resolved within minutes. After improving the customer service department, the invoice approval process is usually next. Invoices can be routed to the invoice facilitators, who have the authority and competence to proceed to the next step.

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